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How Long Do Shingle Roofs Last in Tomball, TX?

Shingles are a very popular roofing material in Tomball, Texas. Shingles are a long-lasting roofing material that will keep your home cool in the summer heat. They also come in a variety of colors that can match any house style. It is important to understand how long shingles last before they need to be replaced if you are thinking of replacing your roof. You might be surprised at the answer!

The quality of the materials used and how they are installed will determine the life expectancy of a shingle roofing.

Roof longevity is affected by many factors including the type and quality of materials used (20-year shingles last longer than 30-year ones), installation technique (proper nailing can increase durability), and geographic location. We recommend that you install nails through each roof board to increase wind resistance. This is especially important in Tomball, where there are high winds.

Roofs that are properly installed can last more than 50 years. However, roofs that are poorly installed may last only 10 to 15 years.

Houstonians can expect roofing materials to last for up to 50-years if they are installed correctly. If your roof is leaking due to poor installation, or shingles that have been damaged by hurricane season winds, it’s time to get it replaced! These problems will only worsen if you don’t fix them quickly. It is easier and cheaper to address small problems before they become major ones.

What does this mean to homeowners? It may be time for you to replace your roof if it is older than 15 years. If the materials used and the installation are high quality, roofs can last for 20-30 years before needing to be replaced. Poor installation or poor material selection can lead to roofs leaking within a few years. Don’t wait for the water to seep through your ceiling. Every two years, have your roof checked by an expert for signs of wear and tear to determine when it is time for a replacement. RoofWorks is your premier Tomball Roofing Company contact us anytime for more information.

It is essential to have a shingle roof that can withstand hurricane-force winds in Tomball, Texas.

The unique climate of Tomball, Texas makes it more difficult for roofing materials in this area to last as long. High winds can cause roof leaks and damaged shingles. It is important that your roof lasts at least 15 years due to the high winds in Texas. It’s common for homeowners who have a poor roof or inferior products to contact their insurance company in order to get repairs done after severe storms. It can be costly and time-consuming as not all contractors are covered against storm damage. Proper installation techniques and high-quality roofing materials will improve durability.

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Conclusion Paragraph: You’re searching for information about shingle roofs. This includes how long they last in Tomball and what to watch out for when hiring a roofing contractor. We hope we have been able to answer all your questions regarding shingle roofs and give you enough tips to help you make an informed decision about hiring a roofing contractor. Do you have a question? Send us a message by clicking here or filling out this form.