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How much does a new roof cost in south Texas?

It is time to replace your old, worn-out roof. Do you want to know how much it will cost for a new roof on your garage or home? Check out our updated new roof pricing guide for homeowners.

Right away, it is important to note that not all roofs can be made the same way and that not all roofers will charge the same price. On average, roofing contractors charge $4.00 to $6.50 per square foot, or $400 to $650 for 100 sq.ft. A typical house will need an asphalt shingle roof installed or replaced.

It will cost on average $8,000 to $14,300 to replace a 2,000-21,000 sq. roof in the US. For a single-family home with two stories, a roof of at least 3000 sq. ft. The cost of a new roof depends on the roof’s complexity and accessibility, contractor selection, local market dynamics, and how much the roof is going to cost.

You can expect to pay between $4.50- $5.50 per square for residential reroofing work. For a typical single-family home with two stories, an asphalt shingle roof can be replaced at a cost of $450 to $550 or $450 to $550 for each square. This would mean a lower total price range of $9,000-12,100 for a typical roof covering 2,000-2,200 sq. feet on a single-family home up to two stories high.

How to evaluate roofing estimates:

A typical roof replacement estimate will include removal and disposal up to two layers old shingles. The quote should include new underlayment, such as 30-pound roofing felt, chimney flashing and Ice-and Water shield at valleys and eaves of the roof. This is required by local building codes. A 5- or 10-year workmanship guarantee should be included in the quote.

Notable: Depending on the scope of your project, residential roofing prices may vary from $5.50 up to $8.50 per sq. foot.

The higher cost of roofing in coastal areas is due to the higher cost of living and therefore higher costs of doing business.

The boom in local real estate values drives up demand for professional home remodeling services. Prices have seen a 15% to 20% increase since the beginning of the pandemic. This is especially true in high-cost areas, where exterior home remodeling services are highly sought after.

Did you know? The US average residential roof size is approximately 1,700 square feet, or 17 squares. However, there are larger homes that have roofs that exceed 2,000 square feet. 20 sq. Larger residential properties that have garages can easily reach 3,000 square feet. 30 sq. ft.

Professional roofers use “squares” for measuring and estimating roofs. One square equals 100 square feet of 3-dimensional roof surface.

Example of project pricing: A typical 17-square asphalt shingle roof replacement project will cost between $6,800 to $11,050. This is based on the $400 to $650 price range.

A 3,000 square foot house with a garage would cost $12,000 to replace. A typical 30-year-old architectural asphalt shingle roof such as Owens Corning Duration, GAF Timberline HDZ or GAF Timberline HDZ will cost between $12,000 to $19,500 on a larger single family house.

What about prices for other less-common roofing systems?

Nearly 70% of American roofs are covered in composition shingles, which are a combination of asphalt and fiberglass mat. However, there are many roofing options available for steep or low-slope roofs.

Here is a quick guide to help you compare the average price for common roofing systems, based on an area of 2,000-2200 sq. A typical roof of a house with two stories is approximately 3.5 ft.

  • Basic 3-Tab (25 year) shingles: $8,000 to 9,900
  • 30-year architectural shingles: $8,000 – $14,300
  • Premium shingles for 50 years: 10,000 to $16,500
  • G-90 steel shingles and stone-coated steel tile: $16,000 to $25,000
  • Aluminum Shingles: $17,000 to $27.500
  • Cedar shakes or shingles: $16,000 to $28,600
  • Standing seam: $20,000 to $44,100
  • Concrete tiles, $22,000-$39,600 (roof frame needs reinforcement).
  • Natural slate tiles, $24,000 to $44,000 (roof frames require reinforcement).
  • Synthetic composite tiles, rubber shingles and tiles: $15,000 to $24,200
  • Clay tiles, $24,000 to $49,000 (roof frame needs reinforcement).

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